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Sometimes II Question Reality - Simulation

Matrix, Open Your Eyes, The Truman Show - These are some movies that tap into the idea that life is a simulation. BUT, in all these movies, your real body is sleeping somewhere in a higher reality.
Yet, if we live in a simulation, the truth can be more sad than that. Your being may be only bits and numbers in a super computer.
That would be sad.

I ask most of my friends about it, "what if we live in a simulation?" And from the dumber to the smarter, I get the same answer: who cares? I have a life that is as real as it can be.
Well, I care. Because if life is a simulation:

  • There can be a super user with the power to create and destroy, like Shiva
  • My body is sleeping somewhere else - Or I may have no body at all
  • The supercomputer can lose power or reboot
  • There can be a glitch in the system

The strongest argument I've found against the simulation hypothesis is: There is too much wasted complexity in the universe, that can only be caused by chaos and randomness; if you were to simulate life, you would create the minimum complexity for a more cost efficient test.
Hell that argument is good. Why have galaxies, stars, atoms, when you can have a little bubble and drop a couple of people in it?
But it may be short sighted. Like, what if our creators got high one day and said:
Creator 1: Dude, what would happen if some apes in the Milky Way fight some dolphins in Andromeda?
Creator 2: Pff that's a no brainer. The Andromedan dolphins would win.
Creator 1: Yeah but the apes have hands and stuff.
Creator 2: IDK, let's find out. Alexa, create a universe with some galaxies, and put life in two of them, and set them in a course of collision in like 5 billion years.
Alexa: Ok. Creating stuff. Wait for results in 5 minutes… Ok, the dolphins are fucking the apes.
Creator 2: Ha! Told ya!
Alexa: No, you do not understand, they are having sex.
everybody: LOL.

In that case, you are not a pawn in a chessboard… The most powerful human would be no more than a piece of dust in a virtual chessboard.

I think the simulation hypothesis would explain the Fermi Paradox, and the supernatural activities; maybe our creators take shape of ghosts to see how their experiment is doing.

My C++ professor said there is no way to find out if we are in a simulation.
Elon Musk said the probability that this universe is base reality and not a computer simulation is one in a billion.
I personally think there is more chance for this reality to be "base reality." If I had to put a number, I'd say 79%. But then there is that 21% left, starring at me, telling me I'm not real, laughing, saying "you're a piece of dust in a fuzz in the corner of a data center."


Dedicated to: Daniel M

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