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Sometimes I Question Reality - Dreams

My dog Tyson used to have nightmares. He would shake his head and growl. I found it so fascinating that I googled it, and most animals (especially mammal) experience dreaming to some extend.
We are Homo Sapiens Sapiens because we know that we know. Tyson just knows. But what's the requirement to go to heaven? Damn I would become vegetarian if I knew that all animals I've eaten will be in heaven, waiting for me like "was I tasty? Motherfucker."

Dreaming is perhaps the greatest mistery of reality.
What if we all go to a collective space when we dream? Like in Paprika.
What if after this life, we wake up in another reality and be like "wow, what a nap!"
To what extent our dreams impact our lives?
One can wonder, but never be certain.
Yet I am certain Tyson had nightmares

For example, tonight I dreamed I was walking the streets with my cousin, and there was a karaoke party just ahead, so we went in, it was only latin music. So I ask the DJ to play any old school regueton song for me. He played Te Veo by Bad Bunny - song that doesn't even exist - so I asked if they had Atrevete by Calle 13. They did. "Ok. Let me go pee real quick" I said. And BAM, I wake up with my vejiga full (I'm glad I didn't take that leak in the dream. It was a trap). God knows I tried to go back to my dream. Yet here I am, at 4:45 AM, writing.

I do hope there is an afterlife. Perhaps one where you dream forever, and flow in a peaceful river of souls. Flow and dream about a perfect life, YOUR perfect life. Like re-live your life with the new experience you've acquired, and super powers. If I find myself there, and I'm conscious I'm there, I will be vegetarian :)


Dedicated to: mi mamá

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