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Sometimes III Question Reality - Pyramids

Editor's note: This is the worse essay in the series of "Sometimes I Question Reality"

For roughly five thousand years, we have been building monuments for the sake of legacy; for sightly different purposes, we have built pyramids, monoliths, heads in remote islands… Monuments!

Don't let them tell you about aliens, this is the result of pure human ingenuity, and leisure time.
Think about it: You're a king of a prosperous civilization. You have 20,0000 people at your command; yet no conflict, no struggle, everything's chill. Let's build something! Something great! Come on, minds, make me a temple, a tomb, a wonder! Make it bigger, add more of this, yes, more!
Don't worry about resources, let your mind fly, I shall make my vassals work. Perfect. Start!

If you don't believe a society can build wonders for the sake of legacy, then you need to examine yourself and read about history.
For example, in Convergent Evolution, we learn that bats and birds developed the ability to fly in two different ways.
Just like the Mayas built pyramids for different purposes than the Egyptians; but the principle is the same:
"how can we pile some materials to get closer to the heavens?"

It may sound ironic, the title "Sometimes I Question Reality," and then the idea that pyramids are 100% organic, made in earth. So here is my point: If you were the emperor, or the architect, or the slave who worked in a pyramid, how would you give your life a purpose? What morals, or motto would you set/follow?

Getting closer to the sky is an exciting task.
As Galileo Galilei once said: Per Aspera Ad Astra.


Dedicated to: The Man Who Sold The World

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