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Welcome to Tar

I've been wanting to write about this fabulous city called Tar. I promised I would never reveal its location; although I couldn't, even if I wanted to. You'll see, Tar is always in flux. It moves. And you will never find it unless it wants to be found.

They say any sufficiently advanced scientific discovery is indistinguishable from magic. Travel 500 years back in time, show up in a church with a mere lighter, and then you better run, because you'll be about to be burned for witchcraft.
What did we get wrong here on earth? Well, I would say we chocked the world with too many technological advances too quickly. To it in perspective, the discovery of fire is thousands of years apart from the pyramids. Yet in the XX century, we went from electricity to Wi-Fi barely a hundred years. Are we ready to keep it going? Can we handle this acceleration of development that changes the way we live?
In Tar, there was no industrial revolution.

This society is out of its mind, being mental is the rule. A swarm of souls longing for the a light. Woe to them. Woe to us.
In Tar, they don't need rules to prevent people from harming each other, because it is impossible to do any harm. The laws of physics are different.

To reach Tar, you just have to want to. As simple as it sounds: You can choose to visit Tar, but you cannot live nor stay there.
In Tar, every visitor is welcomed.

I don't know if Tar is a lost civilization. Maybe Tar has been called Atlantis, The Spirit World, The World of Ideas, etc… But the reality is: human imagination is vast, but Tar is infinite. It's unimaginable. Ineffable.

And when you arrive at Tar, your body will be treated by humans.
And when you arrive at Tar, you'll be amazed by its mazes.
Because in Tar, you will learn that physics, chemistry, and mathematics are the same thing.
In Tar, quantum mechanics, electricity, and radio waves are magic.

But you cannot stay.


Dedicated to: Eriatarka

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